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Travel Insurance

Our Insurance Coverages

All of the plans include Emergency Assistance, should you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Travel insurance is designed to cover emergency situations only. Although there are hundreds of different plans on the market, when purchasing travel insurance you will probably only be concerned with one, or several, of the following types of benefits: health insurance, Trip Cancellation Insurance, Lost Baggage Insurance, and Insurance for Accidental Death and Dismemberment.
We offer Travel insurance for Canadians Travelling outside their Province or Canada, Visitors to Canada, International Foreign Students, and for Canadian Expatriates and Inpatriates to Canada (Returning Canadians).

Out of Province Emergency Medical

We have plans that can cover you and your family when government health insurance plans may not. You and your family could be responsible for paying thousands of dollars in medical fees and other expenses if you do not have the proper coverage in place for your travels.

Explore the various plans we have to offer and choose the one that fits your specific needs.

Emergency Medical Plans

Non-Medical Insurance

Visitors to Canada and Inpatriates to Canada (Returning Canadians)

Are you planning a trip to Canada? Maybe someone special is coming to Canada to visit or you are looking for Super Visa insurance. Either way, it should be a safe and enjoyable visit. Unexpected illnesses or injuries can happen, so make sure you have the right travel medical insurance.
The Inpatriates to Canada (Returning Canadians) plan offers the same features and benefits as our Visitors to Canada insurance, plus up to $200,000 in emergency hospital and medical and extended health benefits. These benefits include maternity coverage, vaccines, physical examinations and eye examinations.

Visitors to Canada & Inpatriates (Returning Canadians)

International Students to Canada

You’ve decided to come to Canada to further your education, good for you! It’s certain to be a worthwhile experience. Since anything can happen while you’re away from home, such as an unexpected illness or injury, make sure you’re protected.

International Student to Canada

Canadian Expatriates

Do you plan to live or work in another country? Whatever the situation, you may not have coverage under a government health insurance plan. Meanwhile, anything can happen, including an unexpected illness or accident. So, talk to us today about travel insurance.

Canadian Expatriates